Transport of explosives - transport of weapons
System for management and active monitoring of dangerous cargos transports (explosives, ammunition and weapons). It is operated by the Police of the Czech Republic. A safe solution for modern time.



Fleet systems management is the peak of our conjoined know-how. Data symbiosis, map services and mobile applications create the most complex and the most advanced system of its kind in Europe. For the organisation and optimalization of performace of your emergency vehicles fleet, you cannot find anything better. Full integrability with your information system is a commonplace, as well as a high level of automation and support.



Traffic info hub. It allows to filter, archive, play audio record, display POI and several other functions, which can ease the work with traffic information.



eRDIS (Redaction Traffic Information System)
is a solution in which the operators process traffic information from several sources (driver's phone calls, imports from other information systems, faxes, emails,...)

The result is a structured traffic information designated for the distribution through related systems.