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A unique opportunity to become a part of global team that will be heard.


We run massive solutions for insurance companies, the Czech Police, radio or assistance services. Our mobile and web applications are used daily by thousands of clients in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our domain is applications for state and operational management and the collection and distribution of traffic information.


Expanding teams outside of the Czech Republic

Although our headquarters is in Ostrava, we want to build strong programming hubs in Slovakia and then even farther abroad.

For you, again, this in an interesting opportunity to become the founding members of the newly-formed teams.


Who do we currently want?

If our company's ideas resonate with you and if you feel like you're someone we need, then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for... send us a cover letter and your resume.




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Volejte (420) 602 543 408    NAPIŠTE NÁM